A. Rudin posted a status
Mar 29, 2023
Given the poor service we've received from TWC, I feel it is important for members of this community to understand just how dissatisfied others in the Reston and Northern Virginia area are about this company. Accordingly, I'm sharing the link for TWC's Yelp reviews:


As of March 29, 2023 there are 22 reviews and 21 are one-star. The review dates range from January 2023 to several years ago. All of the one-star reviews corroborate the pattern of accounting mistakes, billing misadministration, and utter lack of good customer service I have received from this company. The issues have been communicated to the Board multiple times.

It is unclear to me how either BH board justifies continuing the services contract with TWC.
TWC Association Management - Herndon, VA
22 reviews of TWC Association Management "TWC is HORRIBLE! They do not even deserve one star! The little receptionist has a bad attitude and actual…

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